Bali, the king of the Surf~
For surfers, Bali is like heaven with its fantastic temperate climate year round, the waves of the Indian Ocean crash down to offer such a great experience. In addition, there are many surfing points to explore and learn to satisfy the exploring surfer, and various professionals looking for a challenge, or even newcomers to the sport.
At, we partnered wth "Horizon surf school" to make surfing safe, affordable, and a great experience for all. Please come and enjoy the waves with us!

Bali Surfing


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In Bali, it is a surfer's paradise! Feel the rush through your body and soul!

In order to make surfing safe and affordable in Bali, we partnered with Samudra Biru, which has proven to be a great experience for all, through planning and doing.
For everyone who is interested in surfing for the first time, or for advanced surfers, there are schools and guides around Bali to help you find exactly the kind of challenge you seek, all available here, and we will guide you there.

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A wonderful, and easy to follow surfing plan to enjoy to the fullest~

HORIZON SURF SCHOOL DETAILS partnered with Samdra Biru, a popular and supported company by many surfers, and Japanese.
We did it to help customers enjoy safe Bali surfing. Why is Samdra Biru so well trusted? Well heres why.....


All instructors communicate very well, also in Japanese!
サーファーイラストAll instructors of the school are very friendly local surfers

Instructors practice communication as best they can, so people from all around can enjoy Bali surfing.
The reason why these instructors are supported, is due to their spirit to improve and help as best they can!

Samudra Biru's principal Wayang Jodie, a well known Bali legendary surfer. Wayang is well loved by Japanese people, he is known for always saying "Enjoy surfing to the fullest, come ride the waves of Bali!"
In the school, its natural to teach the base surfing techniques and skills. But before that begins, we first teach of the enjoyment of surfing, and fun of the Bali waves.
Because it is a world class resort area in Bali, the school considers its environment, and enjoys surfing from the bottom of their hearts, with a perfect smile

We think about your safety
At times, doing ocean surfing, you can encounter a dangerous situation. Also consider, that not only nature, but other surfers, locals, etc.. May cause trouble.
At Samdra Biru surf school, we promise to always protect our customers from both physical and mental troubles between surfers, or even injuries and accidents.

Who is Wayan Jodie?

ワヤン・ジョディIn the early 1970's, Australia came to Bali in search of great waves, many surfers visited Bali, and thats where it all began.
Then appeared a 9 year old child who was trying to catch the waves using a wooden plate. That was Wayan Jodi, representative of Samdra Biru Surf School

Wayan enjoyed surfing with friends and family every day, until eventually he started winning competitions in Bali at the age of 13, then gained the title of Bali's No.1 surfer.
In 1990, he participated in the world surfing competition held in Japan with the Indonesian representitives. He then set the bar for Bali's surf level all over the world.
Wayan, who is respected and long loved by the Bali surfers for many years, now holds the title of Legendary Surfer.
Not only does Wayan have exceptional surfing skills and years of experience on the waters, but he has a bright smile, dazzling characteristics, always passionate. Sometimes he can be intense, other times he can be a gentle person, always helping people head on in surfing. Many surfers that live for surfing, love Wayan and consider him a Legend. There are also Japanese surfers who have known him for over 20 years.
Its a lot of fun to meet beginners, he often says. Beginners and even veterans wish to surf from the bottom of their hearts, and it is great to see such passion. So he constantly focuses and trains at the school.

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: +62 85100555361 / Nusawisata

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Booking/Payment method

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