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Here is a map with recommended sightseeing spots in Bali!
There are plenty of spots to sightsee here in Bali. When considering a tour plan, check the spots on the map to make a fun Bali trip for all included.

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ブサキ寺院Besakih Temple >>Click here for details.

The Bedakih Temple is located on the hillside of Agun Yamanaka, a sacred mountain in the eastern part of Bali. It is considers the starting point of Bali Hinuism.

ウルワツ寺院Uluwatu Temple >>Click here for details.
The Uluwatu Temple is located in the southern tip of the Baden peninsula, Southern Bali. It is a very famous temple for having a beautiful sunset. A must see attraction is the Kecak dance performance.

タナロット寺院Tanah Lot Temple >>Click here for details.

The Tanah Lot Temple is located along the seaside in midwestern Bali, which also has a reputation for beautiful sunsets. The sight of a temple on a large rock, a silhouette ...

ティルタエンプル寺院Tirta Emple Temple >>Click here for details.
The Tirtaempul Temple is in the east of Ubud. Also, Proteinyil is a famous temple in a holy area. On the outside of the precinct, there are bathing places with holy water flowing from the fountains. During festivals,

タマンアユ寺院Taman Ayun Temple >>Click here for details.
Taman Ayun Temple is the second largest temple in Bali, located in the west of Ubud, Munich. It is said to be the most beautiful temple in Bali. Its greatest feature is Mel, a very mysterious location indeed.

ウルンダヌ・ブラタン寺院Gunung Bratan Temple >>Click here for details.
The ulundanu Bratan Temple is built on the banks of Lake Bratan, a summer resort in Bali. This place has a higher altitude, making it easier to get foggy, which brings out a more beautiful sight as the ....

グヌン・ルバ寺院Gunung Lebah Temple >>Click here for details.
Gunung Lebah temple is located in the western champuan area of Ubud, considered the birthplace of Ubud itself. The temple is at a place where two rivers merge, well known as a popular spot of power.

プナタランサシ寺院Penataran Sasih >>Click here for details.
Penagtaran Sasih Temple is located in the village northeast Penguen of Ubud. This temple is home of a copper drum from the 3rd century, BC. There is a very interesting legend around this drum as well.

ウブド王宮Puri Saren Ubud >>Click here for details.

The Ubud royal palace is located in the center of Ubud, was once the more dominant in the area. Decendants of the royal family still live to this day. Some of their locations open to the public, where traditional dances are ...

スマラプラ宮殿Semarapura Temple >>Click here for details.
The Sumarapura Palace is said to be the resting place of the royal family of Gelgel dynasty, which was in Klungkung in the easten part of Bali. The texture and quality of the place is a must see, in its traditional ..

ゴアガジャ遺跡Goa Gajah >>Click here for details.
The Goa Gajah ruins are from the eleventh century, in the eastern part of Ubud. Its known for being a peaceful place, for meditation and training of monks. There is a popular cave with a face carved into it, and inside, ...

グヌンカウィ遺跡Sebatu Temple >>Click here for details.
It stands quietly in a village of Suvatu, north of Tegallaran. The temple is surrounded by many dark green trees, with clear water streams and ponds full of Carp. It is a quiet and calming spot where, also unknown to many tourists.

GWKカルチュアルパークGW (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) >>Click here for details.
GWK cultural is a theme park made on the hill of Jimbaran, the concept was based on cultural exchange. There is an open stage and cafe / restaurant inside the park where you stop in during your sightseeing to relax

モンキーフォレストMonkey Forest >>Click here for details.
Monkey Forest is a natural conserved area in the southern part of Ubud, where 200 wild monkeys live. pura dalam agung festival of the shiva gods happens in the woods where locals visit to pray for the new moon day.

バジュラサンディBajra Mounument >>Click here for details.
Bajra Santhi is a memorial of the Bali peoples struggle monument. Built in commemoration of the soul of Bali Islanders' struggle in the Denpasar district, the history of Bali is exhibited here.

キンタマーニ高原Kintamani >>Click here for details.

A small village at the foot of Kintamani Plateau, Pangrir Village in the north of Banli is still very traditional, still keeping with their customs. A very beautiful place to expore on the streets of Bali.

ブドゥグル高原Bedugul >>Click here for details.
Budugul Plateau is an area centered on lake Bratan in Bali. Due to the altitude of 1,500 m, the climate is cooler than other areas in Bali, a very popular tourist spot as a highland sunny area.
There are many sights such as Ulundanu Bratan Temple, Bali botanical Garden, and Chandigukinin Market.

テガラランTegalalang >>Click here for details.
Tegallang is a quiet village, north of Ubud, about a 15 minute drive by car. Very beautifully groomed rice terraces are here, making it a classic spot for many to go sightseeing in Bali, with popular cafes to eat and

ジャティルイJati Luwih Rice Terrace >>Click here for details.
The countryside of Jatiluwih spreads at the foot of Batu Cow in central Bali, The Tabanan province. Rice terraces spread out as far as the eye can see, with artistic attraction for visitors. Rice paddy fields here were

トゥガナン村Tenganan >>Click here for details.
Tuganan village is a village in Bali with a slightly different culture. From the area of Karangasem province in eastern Bali. This village is famous for producing certain products, by knitting grass vines uniquely, very ...

バングリプラン村Panglipuran >>Click here for details.
Breadgrin village is an old area in the outskirts of Bangri, at the foot of Kintamani plateau.
This village is surrounded by traditional azimuth views and private houses that are places side by side on either sides of the street. They protect the traditional architectural style on this very beautiful cityscape.

ウブド市場Ubud Market >>Click here for details.
Sukawati Market is located in South Sukawati in Ubud. It is divided into a general market selling foods, and a art market with paintings and crafts. Selling many other things like t-shirts.

スカワティ市場Sukawati Market >>Click here for details.
The Sukawati Market is a large market south of Ubud. It is divided into multiple sections, a general market, fresh foods market, art market, folk crafts, and clothes, with many more. In the art market, there are souvenirs and t-shirts, at a very cheap price. Thus making it quite crowded with many tourists.

バドゥン市場Badung Market >>Click here for details.
The Bandung Market is the largest of its kind in Bali, located in Denpasar. Early morning crowds of people come to purchas fresh foods, its a chance to have a real glimps of life in Bali.

シンドゥ市場シンドゥ市場 >>Click here for details.

アルマ美術館ARMA Art Museum >>Click here for details.
ARMA Museum of Art is where Balinese arts and other arts are gathered in South Pungosakan, Ubud. Many more arts are lined up for this Museum, foreign, and even Agun Rai's collection.

ネカ美術館NEKA Art Museum >>Click here for details.
Neka Art Museum is located in west Sangingan, Ubud. it has a wide range of classic and contemporary art, with many famous Balinese paintings, including Mr.Neka's collection.

プリルキサン美術館PURI Art Museum >>Click here for details.

The Priluxan Museum of Art is located in the center of Ubud, said to be the leading art museum in Ubud. Paintings by Balinese artists from the 1930's onward are displayed in the halls with 2 buildings on a large site.

ブランコ美術館Blanco Museum >>Click here for details.

The Swing Museum is located at the bridge west of Champuan in Ubud. A large number of paintings are exhibited mainly by the masterwork of Mr Antonio Blanco.

アートセンターArt Center >>Click here for details.

The Art Center is a cultural hall of fame that gathered the fascination of Balinese art in the center of Lenon, Denpasar city. There are open stages and museums in the inner part, and a Balinese art festival is held every

グヌンカウイ・スバトゥ寺院Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple >>Click here for details
Gunung Kawi Subatu Temple is a beautiful temple, located in Suvatu village north of Tegallang. There are many ponds in the Temple, where carps reside. A very quiet and relaxing temple, many tourists visit with few ...

subakSubak Museum >>Click here for details
Subak Museum has quite a unique system in Bali, said to be over 1000 years old, based on Hindu Philosophy. At the Subak Museum in Tabanan, various materials are exhibited, such as ones related to sukba, which help make rice paddy fields here in Bali. They were certified as a world cultural heritage.

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