Jimbaran is famous for its beach with rows of Ikanbakar stalls where you can enjoy fresh seafood BBQ while watching the sunset, but recently many luxury resort hotels and spas have been built and it has become a resort area that is in line with the Nusa Dua area.
Uluwatu Temple is famous for its beautiful setting sun and kecak dances, but many luxury hotels and villas are secluded, and many tourists enjoy resorts from all over the world.

About the city of Jimbaran Uluwatu

About the city of Jimbaran Uluwatu

Jimbaran area
This area spreads to the south of Bali's only airport / Ngurah Rai airport (Denpasar International Airport). In the Jimbaran area. There are two main roads, JL Bypass and JL Uluwatu, and the local area is spreading along JL Uluwatu.

The beach on the west side of the area is a very romantic beach with a sunset view, and there are numerous Ikambakar (Seafood BBQ) stalls lined up here.

Also, because of the beautiful setting sun, many luxury hotels were built along the beach in recent years. Along with that, the town spa is also increasing, becoming a city that feels like the second Nusa Dua area.
Uluwatu Area
On the south side of the Jimbaran area, the Uluwatu area extends to the western half of the Baden peninsula.
At the southernmost tip of the Uluwatu area, there is the famous Uluwatu temple in Kecak, but originally this area was nothing but a small fishing village because the land is bad and rice field can not be well taken care of.

For this reason, foreign capital hotels and private villas have been built in recent years, and it is becoming a small hideout hotel area.

Jimbaran Uluwatu's traffic

Tourist attractions, shops and restaurants in this area are located in a large area, so we can not walk around. It is common to use a taxi or other transport.

But It is difficult to catch them on the street, so it would be a good idea to have a meter taxi at a hotel, shop, restaurant,
From the airport, it is better to use a hotel pick-up or an airport taxi.

How to enjoy Jimbaran Uluwatu

Enjoy Hotel Life
The hotels in this area, like a hotel by the ocean where the sunset and the ocean view are beautiful, and a hotel in the forest in a quiet environment where enjoy to stay and relax. Forget the daily hustle and enjoy relaxing Bali life.
Enjoy spa
Especially in the Jimbaran area there are plenty of affordable city spas.Many spas have a ton of traffic, leaving so many satisfied customers, so tourists continue to go.

Most of the spas have many options on the menus, so let's enjoy your healing time at a slow pace.
Enjoy surfing
On the western side of the Uluwatu area, Badun peninsula, there are many surf points.

It is not as famous as Kuta beach, but there are points for pro surfers to visit, so surfers are gathering from all over the world.

Jimbaran Uluwatu's recommendation spot

Jimbaran beach
Jimbaran beach which extends to the south side of the airport, you can see the beautiful sunset sinking in the Indian Ocean in front of you. While watching the sunset, Ikambakar stalls lined with the beach are also famous for sightseeing in Bali, which brings fresh seafood BBQ.
GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana)
GWK Cultural Park is a theme park made on the hill of Jimbaran, concept based on cultural exchange.
There is an open stage and a cafe / restaurant inside the park where you'll want to drop in on the way during your sightseeing.
Uluwatu Temple
The Uluwatu Temple is located in the southern tip of the Baden peninsula in southern Bali.
This temple is famous for the beautiful Sunset that you can witness. It has a must-see attraction every evening, Kecak dance performances.

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