Long term relocation to Bali?
On a short-term sight-seeing tour of Bali, you dont really get to experience it at its full potential. Staying in Bali long term will help you discover the deep charm that Bali has to offer, which is otherwise impossible for short-term stays. Yes, two weeks can get you 100% of the Bali experience....But only if you return to Bali two weeks at a time, multiple times. For those that want a new tropical life, or an amazing place to retire, you've come to the right place.

Bali Resort Project Investment Description

Kind Villa Bintang Resort (Nusa Dua Area)

カインドビラビンタンKind Villa Bintang is a resort hotel on the beach, built on the popular Benoa beach in Nusa Dua. Compared to other hotels in the Benoa area, it is not as packed full of rooms. It is popular to stay peacefully at your leisure in this safe, professional Japanese staffed hotel.


IBIS Styles Bali Benoa (Nusa Dua Area)

イビススタイルバリベノアIbis Bali Benoa is a Modern type of hotel built near the popular Benoa beach in Nusa Dua. Although its not on the beach, the modern japanese style it holds will captivate you, along with its pool and fitness center, the 5 minute walk to the beach doesnt sound so bad.


Lifetime travel tips

For those of you who are thinking of moving to Bali, migrating overseas in the future, we offer all the information you need for a lifetime stay.

Medical Treatment in Bali
Any emergencies needed for any age. We will provide information on Bali medical, hospital, physical condition management, and medical insurance. Use this link to learn about medical care in Bali.
Visa for long stay
For foreigners to live in another country, Visas are required for the proper alloted time needed. What kind of visa do you need? How long does each type last? How do you get it? We have all your answers.
About lifetime stay utilities
Information about water, gas, electricity when staying in Bali for a long period of time.

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Booking/Payment method

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