Here I will explain immigration procedures, visa acquisition, and departure procedures to be done at the time of returning, and after arrival in Bali. When entering Indonesia from a foreign country, there are procedures such as visa acquisition, immigration review, customs, and also when you leave the country abroad, there are procedures such as departure examination, you can not enter the country without doing regular procedure. If you do not travel abroad, you do not have to experience immigration procedures.

Arrival and departure procedures

Before departure

Please do not forget this before you leave.

When entering the Indonesian Republic, including Bali, a passport with a remaining validity period of 6 months or longer is required, and a blank page of more than 3 pages of visa is recommended.

If you have a passport that does not meet these conditions, or you just dont have a passport, let's have your passport issued in the country where you live.

It will take from 1 week to 10 days from application of passport to issue, so do not forget to confirm your passport as soon as you decide on your trip.
Overseas travel insurance
All you do not enter into insurance is left to your choice by yourself.

However, in the event of an accident, injury, or illness, Medical processes abroad are very expensive, and in some cases it may be necessary to pay treatment costs in advance. If that happens, if you subscribe to overseas travel insurance, it is very secure, so we strongly recommend you to join insurance.

Overseas travel insurance can be easily enrolled in the tour company, the internet, or the airport, in addition to the insurance treatment window.

Since there are many kinds of insurance depending on travel destination and number of days, let's choose insurance that suits your needs.

Into the country

When you arrive in Bali, the first thing you do is immigration procedures.
When I say immigration procedures, you may become nervous. But it is an easy procedure, so chill.

Let's write a customs declaration form
Customs declaration form will be handed off on the plane to Bali. Be sure to fill out beforehand to smoothly enter the immigration procedure after arrival.

Passport and airplane tickets are required to fill in the documents, so prepare in advance. Also, since writing instruments are not prepared in the aircraft, it is convenient to put a ballpoint pen in your baggage.

How to write an entry-exit card and customs declaration form is here >>Garuda Indonesia Airlines official website

Acquisition of tourist visa → It was exempted from 12th June 2015
If you choose to stay longer than 30 days for sightseeing purposes, this visa (VOA = arrival visa)is necessary .
When you get off the plane, follow the sign "Arrival" and proceed to the immigration control counter.

However, since the tourist visa is necessary in general, please obtain VOA at the visa acquisition booth before the immigration counter to stay longer than the tourist visa . The acquisition cost is $ 35.

· Those who enter the country other than for sightseeing purposes, such as negotiations
· Those wishing to stay longer than 30 days

※For VOA You are going to the immigration office and applying for an extension of stay before the stay period (30 days) expires. This will allow you to stay for up to 60 days. Those who do not have arrival visa (VOA) can not apply for extension, so please be careful.

Immigration examination
The passport you have on hand will be taken once you arrive at immigration counter, for a short time. If you only travel for basic reasons such as sightseeing, there will be little to no questions asked. In other cases, for longer stays with different visas, there may be questions such as "What are you going to do here?" and they may ask for your tickets for return flights just to check, so be ready.

After the immigration examination, they will return the passport which received the immigration permit stamp. Please confirm firmly that the entry permit stamp is pressed on your passport.

Pick up checked baggage
When the immigration review is over, you will pick up the checked baggage that was dropped off before boarding the plane.

Checked baggage will rotate on the turn table, which the flight number of the airplane you got on, is picked up.
Customs declaration
After picking up luggage, there is a customs declaration. If you do not need it, go to the green arrow, if you need a declaration, proceed to the red arrow.

There is staff at the entrance of the declaration hall, you will hand the customs declaration form filled in the plane to them. Pass the baggage through the X-ray inspection device, bring it to the attendant at the customs inspection counter and check the baggage.

In rare cases, you may need to open a package and check it. If you are asked to disclose the baggage, obediently follow, and let them check the baggage. This is normal if it happens.
Money exchange
When you are leaveing the airport, there are bank branches on both sides. Here you can exchange money.

The exchange rate at the airport is about 2 to 5% worse than the town rate, so it is a good idea to exchange money here only for the amount of money you will use for the time being.
To the meeting point
When you leave the airport, the pick-up guides will be waiting for you.

If you are moving from the airport by yourself, you leave this exit, there is an airport taxi just outside, so go ahead and arrange a taxi here.

Please enjoy a relaxing Bali holiday.

Departure procedures

I will explain the procedures to leave Bali.
Troubles often occur when leaving your country, bringing in liquids and other items. In international flights originating from Indonesia, bringing in liquids to airplane guest rooms is severely restricted.

Liquid bottles such as mineral water are forfeited at the entrance of the airport or entrance to the departure floor (however, it is possible to put them in checked baggage). Water and juices purchased in the restricted area after departure inspection are sometimes allowed to be brought in.

Arrive at the airport
Please travel to the airport to arrive within 2 - 3 hours before departure time of the plane.

As the airports crowd during the departure time of an airplane to your country is quite large, it leaves you with little extra time.
Package inspection
For countermeasures against terrorism, at the entrance of the airport building you will present passports, air tickets and X-ray inspections of baggage and body checks.

At this time, if you have a liquid such as mineral water, you will have to throw it away(things in the checked bag are okay), so please be careful.
When the X-ray inspection is over, there is an electronic bulletin board with a flight schedule displayed throughout the airport, so check the time schedule and the check-in counter of the aircraft appearing there.

Follow the indication on the light bulletin board and head for the check-in counter. When you arrive, your passport and ticket will be inspected. Place checked baggage on the balance next to the counter and check the weight. In the case of overweight, excess charge will be taken. Be careful of the weight of your baggage.

At the check-in counter you will be given a boarding pass. On the boarding pass, the gate number and boarding start time are displayed.
Baggage inspection
Before departure inspection, there is X - ray inspection of baggage inspection. At this time, be careful not to have liquids or lighters on you, otherwise you will be forced to throw them away.

Unless of course, the liquids follow the limit rules.
Departure examination
In departure examination, passports and boarding passes will be submitted and you will receive your passport press departure stamp.

Leaving the booth of departure examination, you will be heading tword the departure lobby.

In the lobby, there are duty free shops and cafés, so enjoy the shopping in the lobby until the departure time of the plane.

Also, those who purchase duty-free items at DFS Galleria or Plaza Bali have a delivery point on this floor, so do not forget to stop by.
Boarding an aircraft
The Beginning of boarding occurs (when the gate opens) about 30 minutes before the plane departs.
So head to the boarding gate to avoid being late. At the boarding gate entrance, they will check the passport and boarding pass.
If you pass inspection of the boarding gate safely, you will board the plane.

About visa

Visas are required for foreigners to enter the Republic of Indonesia.
In the case of general sightseeing trips, we will obtain a tourist visa (VOA) at the arriving airport or port, but there are many other visas besides that. I will explain a typical visa here.

Tourist visa (arrival visa)
For sightseeing purposes, in case of staying within 30 days, it is not necessary to obtain a tourist visa.
However, in the case of "staying more than 30 days", you must obtain a tourist visa (visa on arrival).
This Visa will be obtained at the VISA booth in front of immigration control counter. The acquisition cost is $ 35. Also, work with tourist visas is prohibited.
Social / Budaya visa (cultural exchange visa)
We will obtain this Visa at the Indonesian Embassy in a country outside of Indonesia, you obtain this visa to visit acquaintances longer etc.
When you obtain this visa, you are permitted to stay for up to 60 days, and up to 4 extensions are possible. In other words, you can stay for up to 180 days with extension, but work is prohibited.
If you leave to another country outside of Indonesia, this visa will expire as soon as immigration check stamps your passport.
Working visa (work visa)
イThis visa is for working in Indonesia domestically, and will be acquired at the Indonesian embassy in a country other than Indonesia.
Once you obtain this visa, you will be able to apply for work permits and apply for KITAS (temporary residence permit).
This visa is valid for one year, but it can be extended up to four times.
Retirement visa
Foreigners who are 55 years of age or older, and fullfill certain conditions, will obtain visas at the Indonesian Embassy outside Indonesia for the purpose of staying long in Indonesia.

Once you obtain this visa, you can apply for KITAS (temporary residence permit), but work is prohibited. This visa is valid for one year, but it can be extended up to four times.

For Indonesian visas, details are also posted on this page >>Entry Visa in Bali

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